By making a few easy low cost DIY improvements to your home, you could make it much more energy efficient.
Saving energy in the home is easy with these energy saving products that you can buy in a couple of clicks. 

Draught Excluders

One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy and money.  It could save you £55* per year on average.

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Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Replacing a traditional light bulb with a compact flourescent bulb will typically save around £50* over the life of the bulb. 

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Hot water cylinder jacket

Fitting a jacket around your cylinder could cut heat loss by over 75%* and save you around £45* a year.

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Radiator reflectors

Fixed behind radiators, they reflect heat from the radiator back into the room, instead of it escaping through the walls.

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By separately adjusting the temperature of each room you can save energy in rooms you use least such as halls and landings.

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Chimney balloons

These are a great way to stop draughts coming down a chimney and heat escaping up it. They can be re-used too.

* These are estimates from the Energy Saving Trust. Checked February 2013.